The Splendor is a Gilgamesh LS who participates in end game events.
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 Gil Splits

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PostSubject: Gil Splits   Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:12 pm

we will be handing out gil splits on a monthly basis according the the coins that we have sold and banked.

Eligibility: A member must be at 6 of the 8 runs per month to be able to collect pay outs, and must be on the active listing of the LS (all active members names are on the main "overview" page of

Also be aware that the bank must always have 500k gil in it to be able to pay for future runs. Any less and we will have to make any negatives out from our future runs. The bank will always be updated on before each run. For every first week of the month.

How this is all calculated:
to find how much each point will cost it will be calculated as follows

(Bank balance - 500k)/[(# of eligible members) x (max points for the month)] = M

to find out how much you are entitled to:
(your points for that month) x M

Also with this we will introduce the system to be able to sell currency to our members at 60% the current market price each. This system does have some restrictions: Members are forbidden to sell currency to the market in hopes to gain profit (we already have gil splits which everyone relies on to fairly distribute LS profits). Bought currency may only be used to upgrade ones af2+1s or for upgrading relics. All sales will be reflected on the bank. Also we will implement a way for members to store their currency in the ls bank, their balance are always open and can be monitored on Be aware that storing coins are a way to be able to keep them safely for relic upgraders. Members may only take their coins out to upgrade to the next level of relic or they can choose to withdraw all their coins and forfeit being able to use the bank. Any questions please direct a tell to me in game.
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Gil Splits
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