The Splendor is a Gilgamesh LS who participates in end game events.
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PostSubject: Points/Lotting   Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:07 pm

kaiserseph wrote:


Points are awarded as follows: 5 points will be awarded per hour spent @ sea during our runs. 5 points will be awarded for every pop and NM kills the linkshell makes.

Outside Points procedures are as follows: 10 points will be given for all deeds and virtues. Aern and Euvhi organs will only be collected in sets of 3 for 15 points. Grah M Chips will only be collected in sets of 6 for 10 points per set. (no points will be awarded for the time farming outside of sea days). We reserve the right to turn down any pops our linkshell currently has a surplus on.

A full JoL pop is yet to be discussed fully by the linkshell leaders, any questions, suggestions or inquiries about such matters are still under consideration.


Vice and torques lotting will be determined via point bidding (in increments of 5) it is encouraged that everyone know their points before bidding. Our site and points are updated as soon as possible and that will determine the maximum an individual can bid. All weapons in sea are free lotted. Justice Torques bids will start at a minimum bid of 50 points and Novio Earring will start at a minimum of 100 points. Take note that Novio Earrings obtained from The Splendor is forbidden to be sold, doing so will result in removal from the linkshell.

Any other questions or concerns should be directed to a leader or myself.
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