The Splendor is a Gilgamesh LS who participates in end game events.
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 Map: Ix'Aern (Drk)

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PostSubject: Map: Ix'Aern (Drk)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:49 pm

Haven wrote:
Ix'Aern (Drk) - The Garden of Ru'Hmet
Spawned by checking a "???" in (F-8 ), (J-8 ), (F-10) or (J-10) on the ground floor of The Garden of Ru'Hmet by "sheer animosity."
The "???" moves every 30 minutes, respawning in at most 30 seconds time after initially disappearing.

Once you find the "???", kill the local Aerns until one player gets the message "PLAYER is enveloped in sheer animosity!"

Only the recipient of the animosity will see the message.
The message has the chance to display a few seconds after one of the Aw'aerns is defeated.
The player with animosity must check the "???" within 10 minutes to pop the NM along with its two Qn'Aern(Rng) helpers.

We will then pull Ix'Aern Drk to the closest circular room.

- Deed of Moderation
- Vice of Avarice (Altruistic Cape) . MP+25 Divine Magic Skill +5 Healing Magic Skill +5 Enfeebling Magic Skill +5
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Map: Ix'Aern (Drk)
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