The Splendor is a Gilgamesh LS who participates in end game events.
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 Map: Jailer of Temperance

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PostSubject: Map: Jailer of Temperance   Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:51 pm

Haven wrote:
Jailer of Temperance - Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Pops 3-5 seconds after killing the Eo'zdei placeholders that spawn in the small rooms with alcoves in H-4, C-8, L-8, J-13, and F-13.

Immune to direct magic damage (i.e. nukes) and all but one type of physical damage at a time.
Because of this, damage dealers with multiple damage types are very useful for this fight.

* With rings out, only vulnerable to Slashing damage.
* With poles out, only vulnerable to Piercing damage.
* With nothing out, only vulnerable to Blunt damage.

- However, DoT is very effective, Tomahawk allows all damage types to hurt the Jailer, including magic.
- Quick Draw deals normal damage.
- Samurai can have access to all 3 types of damage: G.Katana(Slashing), Polearm and Archery(Piercing) and Blund(Honebami G.Katana)

*To be updated*

Map 1)

Map 2)

- First Virtue
- Temperance Axe
- Temperance Torque . CHR+5 Axe Skill +7 Staff Skill +7
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Map: Jailer of Temperance
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