The Splendor is a Gilgamesh LS who participates in end game events.
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 Lotting System!

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PostSubject: Lotting System!   Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:30 pm

Gaining Points: During a gather I or someone designated to take attendance will give points being there on time, another point will be granted for staying in the until the end. Any late entries will only be able to gain one point ONLY if they stay in the run until the end. In sumarry full run = 2pts, lates = 1pt.

We use a customized #1/#2 system for dynamis. During gather time of dynamis a designated leader will ask for everyone to send him or her a tell with your lots. At which point you can use the standard #1 and #2 lotting system with which your #1 will be your priority lot. You can also replace your number 1 by asking to use 5pts on an item to prioritize over all #1 lots, if multiple "5pts" lot are present it will be a lot off between those members. There is also a last option to "all in" meaning you will put all your aquired points in the line for that specific item, if multiple "all ins" are present the person with the highest points will take priority and will then proceed down the line. sidenote: an "all in" can only be called if you have aquired 6points or more. During CoP dynamis runs please specify whether you're lotting on regular af2, accessories or -1. This lotting system will be used for all AF2s, accessories, -1s, and dynamis tavnazia specific armor. Please be aware that once your lots are called out in LS by the designated leader, it will be marked as confirmed and cannot be changed. Shadow items will be reserved for the tanks of TheSplendor with outstanding attendance. Furthermore, new members to the shell may send a #1 and #2 lot tell to the designated leader taking lots thier very first run. There is also no job level restrictions to lotting AF2 except Xarc/Tav and AF accessories. You must have said job 70+ to lot unless it is called to spend 1 point to lot or free lot.

Lates: Late entries is allowed as long as there is a late mule outside of the zone. However please be aware that unexcused lates (lates without letting a leader know prior to the run) will result in said member to only choose a #1 or #2 lot with no chance to use 5pts or all in. Also if you know you are going to be late, send a lot tell to a leader the day before said Dynamis and you may 5pt or all in priority. If you do not send this tell the day before schedualed run, you will only be able to lot a #1 and #2 AF2 and not priority lot.

Abscenses: As we are a low man linkshell, being absent for 2 consecutive runs (unexcused, being in game while a run is in progress but not in dynamis) will result in forfeit of priority lots for that members 2 consecutive runs, resulting in only being able to lot with only #1 and #2. This rule does not include anybody who are having real life issues or those that do not have access to the runs we are doing (in which case just being in ls during gather will result in said member to get full points for the run for taking the effort to be there). If you have any questions or comments please contact Sensumi in game. We hope you enjoy your time with our linkshell and welcome you. Thank you. Very Happy
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Lotting System!
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