The Splendor is a Gilgamesh LS who participates in end game events.
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 Unofficial Gilgamesh Dynamis Calendar (still in the works)

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PostSubject: Unofficial Gilgamesh Dynamis Calendar (still in the works)   Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:32 pm

S = Dynamis Sandoria, W = Dynamis Windurst, B = Dynamis Bastok, Beau = Dynamis Beaucadine Glacier, X = Dynamis Xarcabard, T= Dynamis Tavnazia, Q = Dynamis Qufim, V = Dynamis Valkurm, BB = Dynamis Buburimu

All times are in EST, only claimed zones will be posted. Updated as of March 19 2010

March 20 2010
W- Interlopers 2pm
J- RelicHunters 8pm
S- DynamisLords 7:30pm

March 23 2010
T- Interlopers 8:30
W- DynamisLords 9pm

March 24 2010
Beau- RelicHunters 8pm

March 27 2010
X- Interlopers 8:30
S- RelicHunters 8pm
Beau- DynamisLords 7:30pm

March 30 2010
J- Interlopers 2pm
X- DynamisLords 9pm

March 31 2010
X- RelicHunters

April 3 2010
V- Interlopers 8:30pm
B- DynamisLords 9pm

April 6 2010
S- Interlopers 2pm
J- DynamisLords 7:30pm

April 10 2010
Q- Interlopers 8:30pm
V- DynamisLords 9pm

April 13 2010
B- Interlopers 2pm
Beau- DynamisLords 7:30pm

April 17 2010
X- Interlopers 8:30pm
W- DynamisLords 9pm

April 20 2010
Beau- Interlopers 2pm
B- DynamisLords 7:30pm

April 24 2010
T- Interlopers 8:30pm
X- DynamisLords 9pm

April 27 2010
J- DynamisLords 7:30pm

April 31 2010
B- Interlopers 8:30pm
S- DynamisLords 9pm

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Unofficial Gilgamesh Dynamis Calendar (still in the works)
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