The Splendor is a Gilgamesh LS who participates in end game events.
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 Lotting/Point System

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PostSubject: Lotting/Point System   Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:33 pm

5 points will be awarded during sky when the linkshell does the following:
- Faust is killed
- Steam Cleaner is killed
- A diorite is acquired
- Ro'maeve water is acquired
- Curtana is aquired and Brigandish Blade is killed
- A god is killed
- Despot is killed
- Mother Globe is killed

30 points is awarded when Kirin is killed

Any pop items outside farmed will be awarded 10 pts upon relinquishing it to a linkshell leader

A Kirin pop set can be donated and the following can be awarded:
-100 points + 1 craft item
-150 points
notes: 30 points will still be given to the person that gives a kirin pop at the time kirin is killed. Also when the first option is chosen and no craft item drops, said member cannot change to the 2nd option and vice versa.

Before popping any god or Kirin, a leader will hold a bidding in LS. Each potential drop will be called out and members will then proceed to bid in increments of 5pts. A member can only win one bid per pop. Only the following items have a minimum bid upon it: Byakkos Haidate (200 points), Kirins Osode (100 points), Wyrmal Legs Abjuration (200 points). Be aware that only one Kirins Osode can be obtained by each member from The Splendor. Upon death, if any craft items are dropped a leader will call out bidding on said items. If 2 of the same item drops (be it craft item or abjuration) the top 2 bidders will lot said items. Please be aware of all potential drops of any gods we do, as we will not change biddings when it is finalized. If by circumstance a member was afk during bidding and was looking to bid on an item, we will commence a rebidding on said item ONLY if we have not popped said NM and said member is willing to go over the highest bid. Any questions or concerns should be directed to me in game.

Frozen Points
If you are a registered member of sky and have not been to said event for an extended period of time, please note that your points will be removed from the active list and moved to frozen list. When this occurs said member will not be able to bid on any item in sky until a full week of attendance (which is usually 2 full runs) from the time that member has come back, have been met. Be aware that coming back 1 day and not showing up for events until the next week will not get you off the frozen list, a member must show that they are at events ready to help out and not just wait to lot.
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Lotting/Point System
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